MEMBERS ONLY access now active. Follow email instructions to set YOUR password.


Please read instructions below.


  1. Members may enter up to three (3) images in each of the four (4) categories: Open Print. Open *PDI. Set Subject Print. Set Subject PDI. (note this a change from 2019).

*PDI = Projected Digital Image

This is the new Photo Comp software link for entering your images .... and a short guide to using it.

1: Click on link above.

2: Log in using your email  as supplied to the club. If this does not work contact us asap as there will be a typo somewhere or the email has been changed.

(use the current month option NOT the test option)

3. Follow the prompts. Click on "NEXT" at the bottom right of each page to proceed to the next page.

4: Re name your images to match the Title.

5: No need to use your membership number.

6: You must upload a 1920 X 1080 ppi  image with every entry, including prints.

*entries close midnight the Sunday preceding the competition.

PRINTS: maximum size is A3 (420mm X 297mm) in either landscape or portrait aspect and are to be matted with a max border of 60mm on any one side.

A Panorama is defined as an image that has a width of at least twice its height (in either landscape or portrait aspect). Maximum Panorama print size is therefore 420mm X 210mm.

ALL Prints are to be labelled on the back with entrants name, title, category and an arrow indicating which way is up.


Landscape Aspect:

Image size is 1920 x 1080 ppi, max file size is 2000 kb. Jpeg format. An exception is made for Panorama Digital Projected Images which have a maximum of 1920 pixels on the longest side but is still restricted to the  2000 kb max file size.

Portrait Aspect:

Due to the limitations of the projector and the screen, portrait aspect PDI entries have to be submitted at 1080 ppi on the LONG side. There is no way around this, it is the way the technology is manufactured.



  • All images entered may be used in Goolwa Camera Club promotional material (you may opt out of this by email or in writing with your first entry).
  • Images can only be entered twice into normal competition during any calendar year.
  • By entering you are stating that the image is yours and is not in breach of any copyright.
  • Non Complying images will be excluded.

Contact us if you need help with entries.


Up to six (6) images may be submitted in Print and Projected Digital Images for a total of 12 images per person. Images that have won awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd or Merits) are eligible. Should you not have six of these you may complete your entry with images of your choice. 

PHOTO COMP will be open to receive entries from Thursday Nov 12th. Entries will close Friday November 20th.

 Prints to be delivered by 12.30pm Wednesday November 25th, the day of the End of Year Competition